TMT Training:

Launching the TMT Training at Brovad Hotel-Masaka

TMT Training:

Strengthening the capacity and retooling Field Extension staff of MADDO in “Entrepreneurship, Technology Transfer and Gender in the Dairy Value Chain.”

TMT Topics:

  1. Dairy Value Chain
  2. Entrepreneurship and farm economics
  3. Training of Trainers
  4. Dairy farm management
  5. Herd improvement, health and fertility


  1. Participants will know and understand the dairy value chain in MADDO’s milk catchment area.
  2. Participants will be able to develop and operate an appropriate farm management system, including feed planning, pasture management and ratio formulation
  3. Participants will be to develop appropriate milk control systems form hygienic milk production and handling, collection, testing and processing. Critical control points will be identified.
  4. Participants will be equipped with training skills that will be used transfer knowledge to colleagues, community based trainers and dairy farmers
  5. Participants will be to offer technical guidance pertaining group formation and strengthening.

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