Orphans’ education

Scaling up of OVC (Orphans and Vulnerable Children) care and support

I am Ssekatawa Denis aged 16 years old. We are three children in the family and all of us are boys. I am the first born followed by the twins who are 15 years old. I am schooling at St. Mary’s Secondary school Mbirizi in S. 1.

 My parents died when I was 12 years old. My mother died first and then father followed. After the death of my parents I dropped out school at P.5 to look after my two twin brothers.

Before the death of my father who was the last to die, he told me that, I have left you the responsibility of looking after your brothers and after those words he died.  I am now an elder child in the family entrusted with the responsibility without inheritance. Our house is dilapidated mud house.

We did not have enough food because my father’s relatives sold his property including the banana plantation. In order to have food we had to work in other people’s gardens and other house work for a period of 15 months.

The turning point in my life came in when I was informed by Ms. Nalubyayi the senior woman teacher at Mbirizi primary school that CARITAS MADDO is going to support us to continue with our studies. This was a dream to me because I had tested a free life where I used to attend night weddings and all sort of ceremony and had joined bad groups which could speak or steal anything that could come across our eyes.

During the course of three years, I have been getting school fees, scholastic materials and medication. I also attended three workshops conducted by caritas MADDO staff members.

I reassured myself that, If Caritas MADDO had not supported me, definitely, I would be a street boy.

Currently three of us are schooling at Mbirizi Secondary in S. 1. I am studying very hard to achieve my goal and dream of becoming a teacher.

Thank you Caritas MADDO for rescuing.

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