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Organizational strengthening and institutional development

  • Baseline survey for new partner parishes
  • Capacity building to staff
  • Development of a comprehensive resource centre
  • Transport means in form of vehicles and motorcycles
  • Office equipment and construction of new offices
  • Strengthening of parish development committees
  • Development of new strategic plan


Ensuring food security, increasing incomes through sustainable agriculture

  • Establishment of Demonstration farms
  • Training of trainers for farmers in sustainable agriculture
  • Establishment of resource centres at parish level
  • Study tours/ exchanges visits for farmers
  • Training needs assessment on sustainable agriculture
  • Food processing/ value addition
  • Post harvesting handling
  • Provision of improved varieties of animals and crops
  • Development of training manual


Preventive and curative health for development


  • Establishment of new health units





Access to safe water and sanitation facilities

  • Construction of shallow wells
  • Springs protection
  • Construction of rainwater harvesting structures (underground and surface)
  • Community sensitization on sanitation and home hygiene
  • Manufacturing of toilet slabs



Unchain the needy and orphans from exploitation and discrimination

  • Community sensitization on taking care of the needy
  • Education support to AIDS orphans
  • Provide legal protection and defence against property and personal rights to widows and orphans
  • Establish community structure to undertake  activities in the protection of widows and orphans
  • Carry out studies to analyse problems of the vulnerable groups

Human rights and good governance strategies

  • Carry out civic education in all parishes
  • Community sensitization on gender and human rights
  • Development of information, education and communication material

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