Challenges within agriculture

 Three Core challenges within Agriculture

Agriculture is the prominent source of livelihoods and the most common business for the majority of people in Masaka Diocese and Uganda in general. Agriculture as a business however is hindered by three core challenges:

Boosting productivity and production

This is limited by insufficient technology promotion. There are many technologies already available that need to be promoted among farmers. Government still has a pivotal role to play by subsidizing adaptation of new technologies and offering incentives to farmers who embrace modern production technologies.

Pests and diseases control continue to affect productivity and production as there is limited information flow from research institutions to extension workers and individual farmers. In case of pests and disease out breaks, pesticides are too expensive for rural farmers. There is still need to lobby government to subsidise pesticides and improve availability of information to farmers.

Water for production is a huge hindrance to boosting productivity and production especially as weather patterns continue to be unreliable. There is a call to government to subsidize and improve supply network of piped water for irrigation.

Adding value to agricultural products 

In order for farmers to realize better profits they need to add value to their produce through primary processing. This however is limited by poor rural electricity network and where it is available it is so expensive thus unaffordable for rural farmers.

Finding sustainable markets for products

The lack of sustainable domestic, regional and international markets for a variety of agriculture products continues to lead to exploitation of farmers by middlemen who eat away all their profits. There is still an urgent call to government to intensify market research and improve transport infrastructure for easy and affordable access to the markets.

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