Carbon project Caritas MADDO

Over 27 members participated in Carbon project training. The training took two days thus 10th – 11th of September 2019.  Amongst the participants were MADDO staff members, farmers and Lorena stove builders. The training was about the Improved Cook Stoves (ICS) which can both save the environment and provide more fuel for food preparation within the farmers’ households. A lot more technicalities were trained to the participants including the design measurements, building materials of the stove among others. The project is in its planning phase however it expects to have 2000-3000 households using the fuel saving stoves by the year 2020. The project is funded by Austrian development cooperation (Ecotopia & Klimakollelte) through HORIZONT 3000 and it’s to work in districts of Masaka, Kyotera, Rakai and Bukomansimbi.  If the project starts, it will help in reducing carbon in space and this will lead to environmental preservation as the rate at which trees are cut for firewood will be reduced. The consumption rate of firewood is estimated to reduce at about 40% and smoke significantly.

Caritas MADDO local Stakeholder Consultation Report on Carbon project is available for download.

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